Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Men Do Care About Their Look

The notion that men don't appreciate fashion has slowly been diminishing over the years, of course there's been the emergence of the metro sexual over the past decade and to a lesser extent even the average male seems to be more fashion conscious.

With fathers day quickly approaching one shouldn't ignore the fact that fathers out there may actually appreciate that nice article of clothing a lot more than their predecessors who once upon a time gave a courteous smile of approval after receiving the tie.

So, shoppers when looking for that great fathers day deal on Salesaholics ( don't ignore the fact that maybe he really does care a lot more than you think about his wardrobe.

Friday, June 4, 2010

They Don't Have My Size!

This is a great time of year to be a Salesaholic due to the abundance of great summer sales out there, any shopper looking for a sale on shoes, tops, dresses, shorts or any other piece of clothing will have an easy time finding deals.

The question is will you find your size? Is there anything more frustrating for a shopper than finding the item on sale only to have that joy nullified by the infamous cry "They don't have my size".

So what is the frustrated shopper to do besides mourn the loss of that great pair of skinny jeans or lace ankle boots?

Simple, get online and start shopping, there are hundreds of shopping sites out there that will most certainly offer the item you are looking for, the best part is that you may also find a better deal too.

The best way to go about this is to get the item number from the store, every article has a series number that identifies it, after you get that number just plug it in a search along with the brand name and description and you will most likely get lucky.

I have to admit, I just did this last night after having been size denied in three stores over the course of the day searching for a specific pair of shoes, and you know what, not only did I find the shoe online but it was $20 cheaper.

A Salesaholics miracle!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Fear Online Shopping Sites

I have to admit it, I love shopping online for everything from shoes to jeans, and not once have I felt uneasy about the process, I actually felt quite proud at finding such a unique item or a great deal. Despite these great benefits people still avoid making purchases online.

The uneasiness in large part stems from having to give your credit card information online. The fact remains it is no more unsafe to use your credit card online than it is to use it anywhere else. The fear is that when you enter your card info you don't know where those detail end up. These are normal concerns, but really, they aren't that much different to you giving your card to a waiter at a restaurant who can just as easily steal the credit card info. Let's face it, it is never 100% safe to use your credit card anywhere.

In the end, people shouldn't let this fear deprive them of the great sales, deals and variety online shopping sites offer, many of which can be found at Salesaholics ""

Friday, May 21, 2010

Women Are Salesaholics

I often wonder what goes through the mind of women as they frantically go from store to store inside shopping centers in this self possessed euphoric state. If any male has been shopping with a women you know what I'm talking about, the endurance, fitness, patience and mental fortitude required to keep up is of Olympic caliber.

The question I and I'm sure many other males have asked themselves is why do they do this? The answer often given is simply that women love clothes shopping and of course love clothes shopping when there are sales.

I've once been told by a women that the rush and high she feels from finding the item she wanted on sale can be just as exhilarating and gratifying as any substance or sexual experience she'll ever use or have, to me this seems absurd because I'll take a nice cold beer over finding a couple of shirts on sale any day, but I'm not a women.

All this begs the question, have women always been this addicted to shopping and more importantly have they always been addicted to shopping for sales. Has the time come to categorize these women as Salesaholics, I think so.

Mark Couzian